Top 5 Best Alternatives to Builderall

When it comes to digital marketing, all is not always as it seems. Today we talk about one example of how small businesses may reap the rewards of relying on cutting-edge digital marketing technologies essentially Builderall alternatives to stay competitive and successful!

The small-business world has experienced massive upheaval in recent years. First, the financial crisis hit, and then consumers suddenly turned very focused, becoming very focused about how they spend their money and with whom. Then, with the rise of the digital economy, we all saw the rise of companies that focused on delivering highly personalized communications with customers, to the point that many offline businesses were forced to adapt or go out of business. But getting online, building a reputation, and creating value is a continuous battle that demands constant skill and effort, which requires massive upfront investment — both time and money.

Thankfully realizing how difficult it can be for small businesses to stay afloat online, some thoughtful developers turned their ideas into codes and built Builderall. Builderall is a cloud-based solution to the challenge of empowering marketers and small businesses alike with a powerful set of tools to create and manage their online marketing challenges and gain visibility and marketing authority.

What is Builderall?

Builderall has skyrocketed in popularity over the past few years. If you’ve been looking for a solution that allows you to build websites, create squeeze pages, use social media tools, and play with analytics, then you’ve probably heard of Builderall. It features a collection of cloud-based products that offer everything you need to bring your business idea to life.

The problem, however, is that Builderall makes things sound so easy because of their supposedly brilliant tools, enabling even a total novice to set up an effective marketing campaign in just a few clicks. In reality, take out each individual component of Builderall, and nothing really shines.

Yes, some people might love Builderall for everything it brings to the table. It’s beneficial for anyone who wants to do multiple things without subscribing to different services. And even with very limited technical knowhow, you can get things done because the tools are simple to use. Just don’t expect them to be the best of the best, because you can certainly find better alternatives out there.

And some of you may not like to hear this, but a massive part of Builderall’s rise in popularity is its aggressive marketing campaign. It offers a generous affiliate program, so plenty of affiliates go out of their way to recommend this product just to make a quick buck, not necessarily because they believe that it’s the best choice for other marketers.

Whether you’re a current Builderall user or someone who’s still searching for his first all-in-one web design and marketing platform, keep reading to learn about two of the best Builderall alternatives.

Top 5 Alternatives to Builderall


Thanks to Interfunnels’ use of cloud technology, you can create an entire sales funnel in a matter of hours, in minutes, or even in minutes using any web browser. You can integrate with Salesforce to track your sales pipeline. And Interfunnels tracks results from multiple channels (social media, online advertising, newsletter distribution) and combines the data into one report that allows you to define your lead scoring process, message type, lead location, and the scoring system used for each buyer. Interfunnels also provides a “report that tells you which content is more effective and detailed analysis as well as knowledge on lead scoring metrics to make your marketing program more efficient.”

In short, Interfunnels is a complete, professional, integrated cloud-based sales funnel management software designed to accomplish a specific task: identifying sales leads and moving them through a customer-focused funnel – starting with the customers and then descending into the prospects.

Interfunnels is well worth considering, especially if you are a business owner, but there is still a question mark as to whether it is viable for your small business: to use a single system to perform a complex task requires a level of sophistication that is beyond the scope of many existing small business software packages.

Interfunnels is capable Builderall alternative, featuring every imaginable feature a business or marketer will need to immediately meet the needs of their existing businesses and also providing all the benefits of a fully-developed, cross-platform, high-strength, scalable, cloud-based tool suite that includes a host of features that are often difficult to find in traditional solutions.

This suite includes all the features of the Builderall platform but is also designed to provide a more flexible and advanced tool, including adaptive marketing, integrated helpdesk, powerful affiliate management system, etc., for the business owner that can be used in a variety of settings. On top of that, its comprehensive automation capabilities provide stability and predictability that are common to many successful business solutions.

Interfunnels’ sales funnel management software is the widest payment gateway in the cloud today. By providing one-click integration between many leading payment gateways including Paypal, Skrill, 2CheckOut, among many others, Interfunnels helps automate the processes of multi-currency payment that should have been automated a long time ago, speeding up interactions between buyers and sellers.

Interfunnels gives the businesses and individual marketers the ability to create a reliable road map where every lead comes up through the funnel, and at every step (or step point) the buyer can evaluate whether the interaction is valuable or inappropriate for success, and decide when they need to escalate, funnel down or terminate the interaction.

Interfunnels has superior workflow and scheduling tools that are easily incorporated by its users into their day to day business activities, along with powerful performance metrics and strong customer service and support to handle feedback, fix problems, and recommend the right follow-up steps for buyers.

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We could spend hours talking about the potential growth of the gig economy — the modern-day version of the “old vaudeville act” of hustling our wares in the hopes of making some money. Or we could focus on easing our burden by selling on some of the most advanced, reliable, and globally acclaimed platforms.

Most businesses just getting online find it quite hard getting sales to kick in. Merchants and digital marketing newbies trying to achieve their online ambitions run their businesses in a variety of ways. For many people and businesses, the interface required to manage their digital operations just isn’t intuitive, which leads to poor conversion and sales momentum.

That’s where ThriveCart brings you the power of its beautiful, simple and clean, and relatively easy to use interface that enables you to easily integrate powerful payment system without needing to code a single line of code!

ThriveCart supports payment processing services — it runs on hundreds of the most popular content platforms and gives businesses control over payment processing through a centralized payment control panel.

ThriveCart is beyond a platform for selling products and services, and it’s a platform for connecting sellers and buyers.

ThriveCart connects sellers through its online platform. This solves the problem that plenty of businesses face when they try to connect to their national or international buyers with their products and services.

ThriveCart is a cloud-based solution hosted and maintained by professionals at ThriveThemes and was initially designed to make it easy for its clients, mainly small businesses, to sell online. Instead of having to tediously set up and update all the e-commerce pages where you sell and integrate many security features to prevent malicious activities, ThriveCart is a managed service where everything that you would need to market your site or service is made available to you without any technicalities involved. So, if you are selling digital tools, if you are selling cars or clothes, if you sell everything from massage spas to car leasing — you’ll all have a simple shopping cart setup for a fraction of the cost that you would have spent.

ThriveCart’s site offers a very robust and nicely optimized payment page that also makes it easy for your buyers to pay in any international currency, connect with 3rd party payment processing services other types of digital commerce channels that have become increasingly important. And anyone who sells anything digitally will love the beautiful and sleek interface.

ThriveCart is a built-for-self-serve cart, with many different features that make selling products and services online simple, valuable, and profitable. Buyers can select a listing, add products and services, and make the final payment. You, as a seller (business), get to keep money when you sell without paying a cut to any other company, and manage the whole thing from your web browser.

It’s easy for users to grow and scale, and to get instant results with the option to connect with customers, the possibilities of online shopping are just about endless.

ThriveCart is an intuitive solution for both large and small businesses and a great way to simplify the experience of shopping, and also provide a more personalized and engaging shopping experience to prospective customers. The app integrates with most of the most popular payment gateways, including Paypal, Square, Google Wallet, etc., and you can seamlessly accept credit cards or debit cards, net-baking, and more seamlessly. It’s easy to use and offers a very intuitive, easy to use interface with many customization components and streamlined functionality.

Available at just $599, which to many might seem like a massive upfront investment but is unarguably nothing compared to what other payment services charges, ThriveCart comes with no hidden fees, no limitations on how many sales you make with added 30-days money-back guarantee.

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Wish you could make your own personal digital shop without having to get creative or buy fancy pieces of software?

Thanks to Clickfunnels, you can.

ClickFunnels was launched to complement the myriad sales conversion and lead generation products available for businesses. Over the years, ClickFunnels’ most prominent competitors have included Locus (now owned by Oracle) and Salesforce’s Express Advantage.

ClickFunnels simplifies the complex process of proactively tracking and buying leads. With ClickFunnels, businesses can effortlessly build and generate leads with unlimited demand creation parameters.

ClickFunnels can be used for up-selling and cross-selling, creating dynamic landing pages, exit pages, to win new customer subscriptions, or to ensure that all orders flow through automated fulfillment channels to create real and meaningful leads every day. The unique ability to build myriad of landing page based on market-proven pre-designed templates for your business online at no additional expense makes ClickFunnels a highly attractive tool for any business looking to increase their online sales or to make sales that flow naturally across customer channels.

In addition, ClickFunnels offers a comprehensive suite of online marketing tools such as email marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing automation, content creation, sales funnel optimization, and so much more!

Click funnels also support the addition of tracking pixel to your pages. With this integrated feature, users can track all website visitor activity from the very beginning. These analytics synchronizes with your website to provide essential data on visitor “touchpoints” via tracking the movement of your visitors, how many people finished a shopping session, and when the last visitor completed it. This dramatically improves campaign planning and metrics.

ClickFunnels, through its extensive feature list, can transform sales and marketing processes for businesses, especially for business-to-consumer organizations, which typically maintain much more complicated processes than their b-to-b counterparts.

ClickFunnels brings deep experience on the power of lead nurturing and smart marketing as well as ease and simplicity in the execution of these practices to a community of marketers who are willing to go above and beyond to achieve their online goals.

Today ClickFunnels has a leading position in the digital marketing landscape by leveraging the technology platforms that more than 700,000 businesses in more than 100 countries use to power their business.

Moreover, this platform is affordable too. Starting at just $97, it brings you access to every necessary tool you will need to kick start your online endeavor. Later as you build upon your revenue and profit, you can upgrade to a Platinum plan for unlimited access to many essential features and priority support along with access to member-only coach guide.

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If what you need is a tool that enables you to create high-converting and attractive landing pages, then look no further than LeadPages. It’s one of the most trusted names when it comes to lead generation tools, and for a good reason!

LeadPages gives you access to its drag-and-drop builder that makes you feel as if you’re a professional web designer. This software is best known for its ease of use, helping complete beginners to create landing pages and email sign up forms in a few minutes. You don’t need any coding knowledge to take full advantage of the power of LeadPages.

Several templates are available to help you get started. These proved particularly useful for people who struggle with creativity. But of course, you can make changes as you wish. Updating your landing pages on the go is possible using the drag-and-drop builder. Nothing can stop you from experimenting with different layouts, colors, and typography. Just imagine how easy it would be to conduct A/B testing to determine what design provides the highest conversion rates.

You should also know that LeadPages integrates with several email service providers. The list includes MailChimp, AWeber, and ConvertKit. If building a targeted email list is your primary goal, then you’ll find LeadPages an invaluable tool to add to your marketing arsenal.

LeadPages can also work with WordPress. A plugin is available that offers all of the features you need. If you’re not a WordPress user, then LeadPages offers a formatted HTML that you can simply copy and paste.

Thousands of users are leveraging the power of LeadPages to generate high-quality leads to their website, grow their email list, and sell their products and services. This software also makes it easy to upload e-books, audio recordings, and other types of media that you can offer for free, enticing prospective customers to join your mailing list or follow through with your desired action. Without question, you’ll find that integrating lead magnets into your overall strategy has never been easier.

Of course, you’d also want to track how well your landing pages perform. The good news is that LeadPages comes with built-in analytics. You can see the numbers for each of your landing pages, lead magnets, or popups. Since everything is segregated nicely, you should have an easy time absorbing the analytics, identifying areas of improvement, and coming up with an actionable plan for your next campaigns.

For instance, you can clearly see the number of people subscribing to your email list. You can also find out what lead magnet works best in terms of convincing visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. And to take things up a notch, you can do A/B testing all you want until you find what gives you the best results.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another tool that can create beautiful landing pages as easily and quickly as LeadPages. It saves you a boatload of time, especially if you’re not the most creative person in the world. And since it offers a free trial, there’s no reason not to check it out and see whether it’s the right tool that addresses your needs.

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GetResponse is another popular tool that primarily focuses on email marketing. However, it continues to update its set of features, and it’s fair to say that you can do so much more with GetResponse other than creating beautiful newsletters.

What stands out the most about GetResponse is that it offers extremely powerful tools while still managing to offer competitive prices. You can choose from four different price tiers: Basic, Essential, Professional, and Enterprise. The Basic plan only costs $15 a month while the Enterprise plan will set you back $65 a month, which is surprisingly cheap considering all the features you gain access to.

GetResponse works best for capturing and nurturing leads. Undoubtedly, this software is one of the best inbound marketing tools you can get your hands on. It offers newsletter tools that enable you to create forms, landing pages, and email marketing campaigns. You can also integrate your Google Analytics account so you can see each campaign’s performance.

The Conversion Funnel feature is a favorite among GetResponse users. It makes it easy to organize all of your email marketing campaigns, track conversions, and make the necessary changes whenever you want. You can also set up live and on-demand webinars, something you won’t find in similar products.

GetResponse also works wonders for eCommerce entrepreneurs. You’ll have access to a suite of features that help generate more customers and sales. What’s more, it integrates with popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify and Magento. With GetResponse, you can track sales, create personalized emails based on purchasing behavior, and remind customers about their abandoned carts.

When you get the Professional or Enterprise plan, you can also take advantage of GetResponse’s automation tools. Just imagine being able to automate different actions such as segmenting emails, sending messages, and assigning lead scores. By automating several processes, you can save a bunch of time and use it for more productive areas of your business.

While there’s no free plan, GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial. This should give you more than enough time to play with its different features and decide whether it fits your needs.

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Summing It Up

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Builderall, thanks to its sheer number of affiliates. But in terms of ease-of-use, features, and overall performance, LeadPages and GetResponse prove to be better choices. These marketing tools are the best alternatives to Builderall right now, and you can’t really go wrong with either of them.

Choose LeadPages if you’re looking for a powerful landing page builder for attracting prospective customers and growing your email list. On the other hand, go for GetResponse if your core focus is on email marketing as it comes with several features for creating newsletters, audience segmentation, and workflow automation.

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