The Internet has great diversity. There are lots of people and organizations who are selling just about anything online. And there are lots of training courses, books, conferences, and other networking opportunities available.

If you are a novice curious to discover the multifaceted nature of online marketing and want to teach yourself how to sell and market online by building an authority website, you may at some point have heard of a professional training program called Authority Hacker, which according to many professionals is amongst the few regularly updated courses delivering truly actionable tips and strategies to take your online venture to the next level.

Though little-known outside the online marketing community, online marketing is a $110 billion business. The key to online marketing is affiliate marketing and a myriad of other techniques, which involve connecting to potential customers, building trust and reputation, generating a lead, and then sale. Affiliate marketing involves businesses promising a customer or marketer or blogger some sort of reward if he or she brings in a lead or sale. A marketer may try to earn commissions by convincing their website visitor to buy new eyeglasses from Amazon, for example.

This kind of marketing works well if there’s a significant pool of people looking for the product or service, and it works poorly if very few people are interested, or there’s no pool to speak of.

In practice, either scenario means the typical affiliate earns more than many third-party marketers: higher prices paid to affiliates through their website (in the form of affiliate commissions) is a standard mechanism for driving sales to businesses. However, the question is, why would someone make a purchasing decision reading your content – that is your product review, or listicle, or just any form of content?

The answer is because people, especially those in your industry, trust you and considers you as an authority.

How do you build this trust? That’s exactly what you get to learn in the Authority Hacker course.

In-depth Authority Hacker Review

There is no dearth of online money-making courses that promise you the moon. They promise to make you a millionaire overnight, but as you must be aware by now, no such thing exists. Online gurus that promise such riches often make most of their money by selling these courses to beginners who don’t know any better. However, it does not mean that you can’t make money online. There are hundreds of thousands of individuals who have achieved success by working hard, and by following a system that is designed to help them achieve long-term success.

One such system that has worked wonders for hundreds of online entrepreneurs is the Authority Hacker system. In this Authority Hacker review, you will get to know who is behind this system, why the system works for people, and the pros and cons of the system along with some other important points.

What is Authority Hacker Pro?

Authority Hacker Pro is a digital marketing and authority website creation video training course from well-known digital marketers Gael Breton and Mark Webster. Authority Hacker Pro does not just teach you how to break the rules of digital marketing. It teaches you how to break through them to reach your target audience, build trust, take your online aspiration to the tipping point, and generate revenue online.

The course has been designed to give you detailed guidance on how to properly utilize many professional marketing tools and provide you with the knowledge needed to take on any online project you’ve ever dreamed is possible! If your skills have ever been questioned, this is the course for you featuring much powerful online marketing method and detailed training program that is built upon the core principals of effective communication, the power of your persuasive writing, and the ability to keep your audience on-board, engaged and satisfied.

Authority Hacker Site System

Having personally gone through this mind-boggling, in-depth, and truly actionable course with over 370 videos unevenly distributed among many modules, I have learned three crucial components of creating a successful online business that is driven by mistakes, honesty, and trust. I encourage people from all walks of life to take this course and do the same and experience a transformative journey of personal growth, business intelligence, and self-discipline.

1. Build Trust by Producing Real Content.

If you’re serious about breaking the rules, you need to earn credibility and trust by sharing real work with real customers. That doesn’t mean you need to bash your own company or a personal blog, but you need to give your work an honest frame so that everyone can see the process, errors, and all. That’s the only way it can be an authority in your niche.

2. Be Blunt About Making Mistakes.

There are lots of rules about how to do things in digital marketing — although there’s no clear rule about what constitutes a technical or design mistake — and lots of rules about how to deal with mistakes and feedback. Being straightforward about making them, including admitting that your solution is inferior to the alternatives, is key to successfully adapting to the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

3. Build User Trust by Being Honest

Getting customers to trust you will take a lot of effort, and some of it involves giving people real feedback and giving them new tools and techniques. Having to acknowledge mistakes will keep you honest and inform you about what you need to fix.

A lot of this can be figured out through trial and error, and experience that mirrors what you’re doing. But if you’re serious about building an authority website that is in just helpful to many people in your niche, but is also profitable, you will have to embark

 on the long road to making trust and confidence the foundation upon which you build a successful business.

Who Is Authority Hacker Pro For?

Authority Hacker is meant for individuals wanting to succeed online through digital marketing. The nuts and bolts of digital marketing are like any other part of marketing: it depends on knowledge of and expertise in developing target markets, research and trends, and marketing tools (including marketing automation). As well, it depends on having and showing reliable metrics that demonstrate a return on investment.

Authority Hacker educates you about these factors along with many other intricacies involved in digital marketing through 350+ detailed video tutorials, blueprints, and done for your templates.

It’s crucial to understand that there are many detrimental factors that combine to provide the measurable returns on digital marketing — the ways in which the media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, drive users to or from websites that they might otherwise not visit. The ways in which marketing capabilities are combined with SEO and the ways in which content is delivered to audiences from different demographics segments.

So even when marketers know that digital marketing is often not easy and demands continuous efforts from your end just to stay afloat, why is it so popular among digital nomads?

The attraction of digital marketing is not just it gets you more opportunities to reach your targeted audience across the globe, but the fact that it can be done easily, especially when you have access to necessary tools and proper guidance makes it a lucrative career option.

Overall, Authority Hacker Pro is meant to give you the opportunity to build a personal authority in the field of your interest, which can then translate into more sales opportunities, better customer retention, and more revenue.

 Who Is Behind It?

Authority Hacker Authors Mark Webster and Gael Breton

This system has been created by Mark Webster & Gael Breton. They introduce this course in 2014 in order to teach others how to build a sincere online business by building an authority website based on your interest or passion.

Before publishing this course, the founders operated their own Internet marketing agency that supported a lot of well-known brands on inbound marketing. They had a successful digital marketing agency, but they were not happy with their life, and they started building their own websites. They struggled but achieved success by building a system to turn their website into an authority site. In fact, it is still so successful that it attracts more than half a million visitors each month.

They have successfully replicated this process many times over, and the Authority Hacker system is nothing but a step-by-step breakdown of the process they have followed to achieve success on their own.

The core of their program is The Authority Site System. They teach others how to create authority sites by following a step-by-step process.

How Does It Work?

One thing that separates The Authority Site System from several other online money making programs is that the creators understand the problems faced by passionate online entrepreneurs. They do not recommend creating a website around a hot idea or something that is not the passion or interest of creators. They recommend building an authority site that is woven around a specific problem or passion of the website owner.

This leads to the creation of content that is highly valuable and resonates with visitors. They teach about a variety of monetization options, including making money by selling ads, making money by affiliate marketing, and selling your own products or services.

They have turned all this knowledge into a step-by-step system on how to lay down the foundation and grow an authority site in your chosen niche or passion and turn it into a profitable online business.


Here’s a list of some of the most useful features of this program:

Video Lessons

While every online money-making course these days features video lessons, the video lessons in this course are different from the others. For starters, they are more hands-on. As an online business owner and learner, you will engage with real-life cases in which you will make decisions and make mistakes while being challenged to develop and execute the right strategy based on what you see. In doing so, you will utilize the guidance provided in this course and tools online to create an online business model in the most efficient way and strategically build your way to be an authority in your niche.

Authority Hacker gives you an over the shoulder view of their system. They do not just read from the slides. You get to see real-life websites, real-life systems, and how they overcome common roadblocks faced by webmasters.

They make real demonstrations, and you get to see the real effort. Also, the videos are continuously updated, which means you will never get stale information, which is often the most common problem faced by students buying online courses.

This is a great place to start if you want to improve your business, build more money, and learn how to attract customers.


You get access to templates that are designed to help you learn how to quickly apply for the course. Although these templates will help you start on the right track, they aren’t designed to be a complete solution. Depending on your market and business objectives, you’ll need to make specific changes to the template.

It’s crucial to remember that these templates give you an idea of the kind of content that should be published on a website in order to get organic traffic from Google and other search engines. The templates are designed with the best marketing practices in mind that work in the long run.

Access to Real-Life Case Studies

It’s very rare that online course creators share real-life success stories, either of their own or of their students. This is what makes the Authority Hacker different. You get an insight into the mindset of successful marketers and how they approach the daily tasks of content generation, advertising, design, and management, and the end-users.

This authority hacker module’s content is based on the author’s personal experience, and that of the people and brands he encountered through his journey. The course also integrates the real-world expertise from several of the top online marketing experts to provide an easy to follow series that can be applied to your daily fight to stay relevant.

They share information about their real-life success stories. They share actual sites, the traffic numbers of those websites, the process behind building those websites, keyword research, content creation, and a lot of other things.

This course combines the real-world insights provided by experts with the proven techniques used to make real-life business and marketing success.  In other words, you get to learn how others have achieved success by following their system, and that is something you don’t really get with many of the other online courses.

To-Do List

Building authority websites isn’t easy. It takes guts, and your willingness to invest the time and money into those websites, to build a following, to grow your reputation and drive sales. It can be one of the most dangerous and rewarding endeavors. For this reason, people go to great lengths to create the right impression and give their audience something they’ve never imagined.

However, you will want to work smarter than harder, and for that, you need a foolproof, step-by-step blueprint to achieve success with an authority site and to do everything you can to avoid the pitfalls that exist. To accomplish your goals, you need to make the right decisions about how, where, and when to present your content on each and every channel you choose to use, and with the Authority Hacker course, you will learn exactly how to accomplish this goal.

This to-do list module will give you a full project management system to organize all the aspects of your website building project. In short, it helps you remain organized when building your authority website.


One of the biggest advantages of Authority Hacker is the active user community on Facebook in their private Facebook group. As a marketer, you will get to learn from some influential and important marketer who shares your passion and wants to help you with your project. It is always exciting to meet like-minded professionals in the community, and you will not be deprived of information that will improve your website project productivity. Moreover, your access to this private Facebook group is guaranteed to be lifelong, giving you ample opportunity for networking and learning.

There is a lot of information shared by students as well as the creators of the course. It will help you a lot as you get to brainstorm, share ideas, and consult with other members. You also get access to a forum where you can ask any doubts you might have regarding the system and get answers from the creators as well as other members.

The Modules

The Authority Site System gives you access to a total of 5 in-depth modules. You get to learn everything right from niche selection to keyword research to content creation to backlink building and other important things required for building an authority website.

Here Is What Is Covered in These Modules:

Selection of Niche

Professional Internet marketers and entrepreneurs argue that niche marketing is a proven way to gain the attention of customers in rapidly changing markets. They make the counterintuitive point that picking the market you don’t understand – actually, a much worse choice – can make it even easier to move people in your direction.

If you want to attract customers, you first have to try to understand your new target market. It’s best to pick a market you understand and up to predict what products, services or types of services are poised to succeed. Then, you implement any one or most of digital marketing techniques to promote those products and services via various marketing channels to generate revenue. And that’s exactly what you get to learn in this Authority Hacker module.

In this module, you get to learn how to choose a successful niche. Niche selection is the very foundation of the authority website system. If the foundation is weak or you choose the wrong niche, you will end up wasting a lot of time and money. So, pay special attention to this module to learn how to choose a niche that is likely to be successful for you.

Setting up the Site

You are setting up an authority website. In this module, you get to know how to set up your website to ensure it is technically right. The knowledge that you get in this module will make your site better performing, with better usability as well. One of the key components of any successful marketing Endeavor is to have competent website design to ensure its easily accessible via any device and is easy to navigate. Moreover, you will also need to gather essential statistics related to how your visitors are interacting with your content for which you will need to install analytical extensions.

This module delivers exactly that! It teaches you about buying the right domain name, how to set up WordPress, the type of plugins you should install on your website, how to set up pages, and add Google Analytics as well as other such things. In other words, you do not need to worry about any of the technical aspects of setting up a website, and you get to know how to handle your website to ensure it is functioning as it should be.

Creation of Content

Ostensibly, content marketing is about putting all the right words in all the right places, to help people find your company, product, or service. And it is often effective, especially when optimized with standard SEO practices. But what is really behind the term?

First, it doesn’t sound new — content has been around forever. But there is a lesson here. Think of TV, radio, and print — not as pieces of art (which they are) but as tools for communicating information.

Second, content marketing isn’t easy but also not impossible! Content marketing needs a catchy headline because people usually don’t research companies or look for their answers by reading Wikipedia entries and reads on CIO. Instead, they Google themselves, or whatever, and start asking questions, nearest business, listicles, and then going through the process of figuring out the answers by clicking on the titles that look most appealing.

Content marketing has the power to improve your reputation with the same people who might never consider buying from you in the first place. And that’s exactly what you are trying to achieve.

In this module, you will learn how to create content for building an authority website. The major difference between an authority website and other websites is the quality of content. On an authority website, you’ll find a lot of high-quality content that covers every topic in detail from all sides. However, this isn’t really possible without having a system in place, and this is where this model shine.

It teaches you how to go about creating high-quality content that is likely to attract users as well as search engines. Further, in this model, they also discuss keyword research. You get to know how to do keyword research based on the niche you have selected. You also get to learn how to outsource content production.

Keyword research, in essence, is a data-driven process of finding user intent, questionaries, and search volume of any specific term in a specific geographic location. Keyword research is definitely a complicated process, and though using many premia and even free tools you can cut down on manual work, it still requires a keen understanding of knowing the steps to evaluate the competition of any specific search term, associated keywords as well as creating a detailed plan so that your website ranks for that term in the shortest time possible.

Authority Hacker goes deep into this topic and gets you the necessary knowledge to build up your own keyword research strategy so you can help your business succeed faster and remain afloat in the ever-changing dynamics of digital marketing.

Link Building

In this module, you get to learn how to build a white hat and authority links to your website. They share a lot of white hat techniques that have worked for a lot of other members of the system.

Link building is an effective way to prove your website’s authority to Google and other major search engines. Link building is unarguably a complicated process that involves detailed planning, research, content creation, optimization, and, most importantly, promotion. Google, which accounts for 65% of global online search delivering over a billion search a day, is well-positioned to determine the laws of SEO, especially when businesses and marketers like you want to tap into the vast opportunity to gain exposure for free. Unfortunately, the path to success on Google, which essentially means ranking on the first page among the top three search results, is more than often challenging, if not impossible. There are many factors that go into determining whether your website or any specific page will ever be able to rank on Google.

One of the key factors is the backlink quality of your website, which is determined by how many niches related, higher authority; websites are linking back to your website. It’s not something that can be achieved in a year or two and requires continuous effort from your end to prove to the community that the content you are regularly publishing on your website can be trusted and is indeed well researched. Only when you have sufficient exposure and reputation, you will be able to gain organic backlinks and thus see a massive positive impact on organic search traffic. However, there are other ways too, but Google considers them natural, but are still many marketers, including some prominent websites are using these strategies to prove their authority in a specific market to Google and other search engines.

Authority Hacker helps you understand the entire process in detail and also provides you with blueprints that, when implemented properly, can definitely help you gain higher authority backlinks without much struggle.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Authority Hacker


  1. You get to learn from someone who has achieved success by following their own system.
  2. They share real-life case studies and do not just read from slides.
  3. You get a lot of in-depth videos and written content.
  4. The course is well organized and designed to be easy to follow for beginners as well as experienced users.
  5. They offer a money-back guarantee.
  6. You also get access to the community in terms of a Facebook group as well as a question and answers forum.


  1. This course isn’t cheap. You have to spend a few hundred dollars to get access to the system, but the experience of their past buyers tells you that the money spent is really worth it.
  2. You will also need to spend money on things needed to build an authority website such as content creation, the theme for your WordPress website, paid plugins, and other such things.
  3. This is not a get rich overnight scheme. You will need to wait for a few months or even years to taste success through building an authority website.


Authority Hacker is available to every interested individual at $599. It’s understandably a steep price for the audiovisual course, but you do have to understand that unlike many $1000 and even $3000 courses sold by self-proclaimed gurus, this course is presented to you by to professional Internet marketers with over ten years of experience in all sorts of digital marketing techniques.

Conclusion – Is Authority Hacker Worth Its Price?

Overall, there are a lot of online money-making systems available in the market today, but the Authority Hacker system is completely different. You learn from real-life case studies. You get to learn a lot from other authority website owners who have tasted success by building their own authority websites. Even though you have to spend quite a bit of money to get access to the system, but the money spent is well worth it. Also, you get a money-back guarantee, which means you can get your money back in case you do not like the information you get in this course.

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