Passive Income Lifestyle Review

Today, we’ll take a look at a course by YouTuber Odi Productions on affiliate marketing. It’s about creating a passive income business for the long-term, and if you’re here, you’re already interested in this topic.

At $2,497, it’s definitely not a cheap course. It’s only natural to feel the need to understand whether or not it’s worth the hefty investment.

The course sells as a mentorship program lasting 8 weeks. It teaches you the steps to build an affiliate marketing business through video lessons.

To determine if it’s a worthwhile investment, let’s take a look at the author, the course, and its content.

What is Passive Income Lifestyle?

It’s an 8-week course, actually relaunched from an older course by the same author. The content unlocks weekly, so you’ll have to wait before the rest of the content unlocks to access other lessons.

The course comes with coaching calls, a tool, and a private group. It’s pretty standard for most similar courses available today. The objective is to give you the necessary tools and knowledge to start your own business.

Who is Odi Productions?

He’s a fairly famous affiliate marketer and YouTuber, the platform where he’s best known. He has a noticeable channel with more than 200,000 subscribers. He also uploads new content regularly, and the content circles around his business model: discussing strategies and tips.

You can also check out his website for more information. He dropped out of the UCLA, yet it only took him about 3 years to build his business to its current state. However, if you want to learn more about him, you have to sign up to his masterclass for his case study; this places you on his mailing list for promotional emails.

He also has other courses, and most have similar price tags.

Who is Passive Income Lifestyle for?

The course is for people interested in affiliate marketing and with enough capital to invest in it.

It’s actually not a bad course, and beginners will definitely learn about the business model and how to start their own venture. However, intermediate and advanced users will already know most of what’s taught here, and it lacks the content and depth to remain relevant for knowledgeable audiences.

What is included in Passive Income Lifestyle?

  • Intro

The course starts with the standard intro module explaining how it works and how you should apply its content. You also learn how to access the live streams, private group, research tool, and customer support.

  • Mindset

After a week spent waiting, you’re treated to a mindset module. It’s definitely a letdown for me, but some people might enjoy this.

It basically covers mind hacks, creating routines and habits, and some productivity tips.

  • Intro to affiliate marketing

After another week, you just get another intro. At this point, I can bet several students will feel frustrated, and it just explains what’s affiliate marketing – even though I doubt someone would spend $2,500 on a business they don’t understand.

It just touches on what’s affiliate marketing and how it works as well as some success examples.

  • Creating your business

Closing your first month is when you finally start to get instructions on how you can actually start your way. To add insult to the injury, you’ve probably passed the refund window if you arrive late to this module.

However, the lessons cover how to research, joining programs and choosing platforms, researching keywords and creating content, SEO, email marketing, and paid traffic.

  • Authority sites

The 5th module goes into why some would want to build authority websites. It’s the first method out of 4 discussed in the course – it’s one module each.

You learn what these sites are and how to build one following a tutorial. There are also a couple of case studies of how he’s used authority sites, claiming to have earned up to $40,000 in a single month.

  • Sales funnels

Week 6 covers an “eternal” sales funnel approach, with which you’d build a long-term income stream. This strategy developed through testing and optimization until the author earned $20,000 from a single product in a month.

There are 4 videos in this module explaining the method, how it works, myth breakdown, and a case study.

  • Personal branding

The 7th week covers the method in the title above, and it’s about building your brand around you and your personality. It builds on the foundation that customers prefer to connect with other people rather than businesses.

The videos explain the method, which platforms you can use to build a personal brand, some recommendations, and creating videos for YouTube.

  • Landing pages

The last method (and module) taught in the course is building a single-page website and driving traffic to this page where visitors will convert. This type of website is we call landing pages.

Besides how to build your land page, you learn 4 channels that you can use to drive traffic to this site: Google, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. You also learn how to advertise on each source.

There’s also a video about installing your Facebook Pixel, expanding your page, and legal responsibilities like paying taxes.

  • Coaching calls, private group, and research tool

Besides the modules, you have access to several bonuses. The first one is weekly live calls with the course members where they can solve any doubts. Live streams are recorded, so you don’t have to commit to the schedule.

You also have access to the private community. This is another channel you can use if you have any questions. You can interact with the rest of the students, read their stories, or even help them with their own inquiries.

The last bonus is a research tool that you can use to find recommended programs to find affiliate products as well as find niches and items you can focus on. It’s definitely a nice addition to the course, but don’t take it as justification for the price tag.

Passive Income Lifestyle Final Verdict

The course might be appealing for many: it covers an interesting business model, and the bonuses are attractive. However, live coaching is difficult to pull off, and you’re still getting group calls, so it won’t offer the level of interaction you might need.

For the price, I can’t really recommend it – even if you have the money.

Consider Savage Affiliates. Its most expensive package is just $297, and it comes from another affiliate marketing expert: Franklin Hatchett.

Regardless of the price, it covers the same topics and content as ODi while still adding many more marketing strategies like SEO, email marketing, and even Snapchat and chatbots. Keep in mind that marketing is half of the entire affiliate marketer’s job, so you want as many possibilities as you can get.

Passive Income Lifestyle Alternative

I personally believe Savage Affiliates is by far one of the best course on the market to date.

I am not the only one who believes Savage Affiliates to be one of the best there are a ton of other’s who do as well.

Why though? Once you see the amount of information there is, how cheap it is AND the student results, you will see why it’s one of the best courses out there!

Read my Savage Affiliates Review, you will find out why this course is one of the best. Everyone thinks it’s overhyped until they actually have access to it.

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