Is There Money In Affiliate Marketing?

The internet has become a legitimate way to make money, but that doesn’t mean it has stopped
being confusing for everyone. It’s still in its infancy as an industry, especially when compared to
other industries with centuries’ worth of age.

Therefore, it’s easy for people to doubt whether or not it’s actually possible to make good money
in it. The same is twice as likely when it comes to specific business models that are just
becoming more popular.

That takes us to today’s topic: is affiliate marketing really profitable?
Well, I can tell you right now: it definitely is. A lot of people currently make their living from it, and more people will do the
same with enough time.

If that’s all you wanted to know, it’s been a pleasure. If you now want to know how to become
one of them, then let’s get to business.

You must build a good foundation

When I say “foundation” I mean the setting stones for your business and website.

You need to know what you’re going to sell and to whom before you even start building your site.
The first step is to find a niche. You don’t want to focus on just one product, but you should
always focus on related offers.

You shouldn’t sell car seats, pet accessories, and kitchen utensils in a single site; however, you can sell car seats, car accessories, and tools in a single

Finding a niche also makes it a lot easier to build a brand and target the right audience. Your
website’s name and domain can be related to it for your brand, and your web design can work
with palettes and terms people often use within your niche, etc.

You should also go for a niche you actually enjoy. It’ll make it easier to motivate yourself, but
most importantly, it’ll help you understand your audience a lot easier since you’re interested in
the same things.

Once you know your niche, it’s time for research: research your audience, products, trends,
providers, keywords, marketing methods, etc. You want to be an expert in what you’re going to
sell before starting to market your products.

Translate that foundation into your website

As I mentioned, your niche will most likely dictate your website’s looks and feel. The first step
should be to visit other people’s websites within the same niche: your competitors. You never
want to copy them, but take note of any repeating pattern.

Color palettes, terminology, content type, these are all patterns different websites follow if
they’re selling similar products. These usually become staples of the niche’s internet presence,
and it helps people feel comfortable whenever they find familiar patterns.

Once you’ve taken note of all these elements, make them your own. Think about what twist you
can make to be unique among your competitors. As I said, never copy anyone; branding is very
important if you want to develop a good relationship with your customers.

The same goes for your content

Your content has to follow your niche, or no one will find you since they’ll look for what you’re
selling, but not what you’re writing about. For instance, if you’re selling pet accessories, you
can’t talk about online entrepreneurship of music; you should talk about pet care habits,
adoption tips, etc.

Your objective is to sell, but affiliate marketing is all about promoting your products via valuable
content. People need to come to your website looking to solve a problem, and once there, they
should discover your products are what they need.

How does money work in affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketers basically make as much money as they work for. If you want to turn affiliate
marketing into your main income stream, then you need to work as hard as you would in any
other job—probably even more.

After all, you’re starting a new business by yourself. You must take it seriously.
However, it’s not as simple as “Want to make money? Work hard.” There are other factors that
play an important role in how much you make.

Each company has its own terms and rates. Some offer better commissions on cheaper
products, and they might be easier to sell than more expensive options. It doesn’t just depend
on you, so make sure you pay close attention to your affiliate program’s conditions.

Besides, not all programs pay in the same way. If you’re selling software, then you might have
to wait longer for your money since you usually have to wait until trial and refund periods expire.


Affiliate marketing’s profitability is proportional to how much effort you’re willing to put: from
actually working all the way back to research. However, it’s as good of an opportunity as any
other business model.

Just make sure to become the best you can be within your niche, and be patient. If you find
good products, write good content and promote it the right way, you’ll make money eventually—
even if you fall flat a few times.

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Advice

I have personally been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, and I can tell you that I have done so many things wrong when I first started my affiliate marketing journey.

I made so many mistakes and end up wasting time because you think you see a couple of youtube videos on affiliate marketing and think you have it down. Then you end up wasting time and money.

Honestly, I am glad I didn’t do paid advertising because I know people who have just started out and started doing paid advertising.

Guess what happened?

They ended up losing A LOT of money.

That’s why I highly recommend anyone starting out to get a proper course which guides you through everything.

Now, the problem is there are a ton of fake gurus claiming to be experts and selling you their overpriced course. They do this by pitching you a dream lifestyle and kind of/sorta play around words making you think it will make you an overnight millionaire. And it really gets people because they show their Lamborghini’s.

Now, I have gone through a lot of these garbage courses, and frankly, I don’t want more people to buy their garbage courses.

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And it’s one of the most affordable courses out there so, when you start out, you can pay for hosting, and other sorts of expenses instead of just spending all your money on guru courses.

Keep in mind that, I am not saying this course will make you rich or anything, this is not some overhyped guru course, you’re simply paying for a really high-quality course which goes over A – Z of affiliate marketing. It has Paid Ads training like google ads, Facebook ads, free affiliate marketing training where you getting traffic from Pinterest, youtube, blog commenting, SEO and a ton more content.

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