How To Use PLR Articles With Vidnami To Make Money Online

Almost every content writer struggles with this problem: creating and publishing quality content consistently. It’s common, especially if you’re new to the copywriting industry and don’t have the resources to outsource. Fortunately, you can still churn out jaw-dropping articles in no time when you know how to do it aright. In this post, I am going to demonstrate you how you can make a steady stream of videos from PLR articles, with no experience required.

What is Private Label Rights (PLR)?

Private label rights is a licensing agreement that grants the buyer with the right to alter and resell the work as his own. PLR products are usually educational articles, eBooks, software or online video training courses, etc. You can easily make quality videos by adding narration to the text and slideshow elements in the PLR material. However, there are tons of PLR articles that are completely useless. If you don’t know what you are doing, you may end up wasting your time creating poor quality videos that delivers no value to your audience.

Novice and even professional affiliate marketers can boost CTR, conversion as well as revenue from their websites by offering PLR products as bonuses to interested visitors. It attracts the attention of new customers to come back again and next time as an outright purchaser (front-end offer). Aside from building credibility and trust factors of the website, this heightens the website visitor’s sense of self-esteem when they get something for free. This sense of appreciation then drives them to buy more when they discover that the product they’ve purchased comes with added bonus.

Furthermore, using PLR videos allows you to create a full video library that contains a variety of niche related topics, in any niche you want, regardless of your current knowledge or expertise on the subject. You can give people what they want, even if you have a general knowledge about the subject. Also, as you can mix and match PLR material to create completely new video courses or packages, you can find PLR material that fits perfectly to your niche.

How to Use PLR Articles With Vidnami to Make Quality Videos

There are several software that you can use to create quality videos from PLR articles. You can also outsource it to other freelancers, but you need to have some basic knowledge of the platform you are using. If you don’t have that knowledge, you’ll end up in the same situation as the poor newbies who can’t seem to find their way around the software. And this is where Vidnami comes in.

Vidnami is the world’s only 100% automated, fully-integrated PLR article-to-video platform. It’s super easy to use, and produces high-quality videos without any effort at all. I use it to create videos that have the potential to rank on the top of the SERP and drive huge traffic to my affiliate offers.

Vidnami allows you to create high quality videos without having to go through the hassle of editing and recording. In just 3 easy steps, you can have high-quality videos without any prior video experience at all. It’s like having a digital video production team at your disposal. You can automate your video marketing campaigns using its mass-uploading capabilities, or use the direct integration with other lead-capture software to funnel your viewers and conversions.

Step 1: Research For PLR Articles

Before you can create videos you’ll need to find quality PLR articles. Fortunately, you can find PLR content on sites such as PLR King, PLR Vault, and even on Fiverr. These sites are reputable and provides content from top-quality content producers. It is almost impossible for you to find junk PLR on these sites.

Step 2: Template

First, login into your Vidnami account and access the dashboard. In a few steps you are going to create a new video that will be aligned on your niche, contents, and SEO keywords. Click on Create a New Video — it will bring you to your video homepage. At the landing page click on Use This Template. The option Viral Buzz will be selected in a drop-down menu. Scroll down the page until you see the Template Details box.

Step 3: Script

Now you are in the Script section of your video. Here we have Left (news) and Right (views) scenes. These are played according to the flow of the content but you need to give directives. Click on the arguments and sorting options on the left hand side. Paste your PLR content into the provided section and edit as you see fit. Ensure that content is organized neatly or it won’t flow properly and your video will be hard to understand! When you are satisfied, click on the CREATE SCENES FOR YOUR VIDEO and then you’ll be taken to next important step.

Step 4: Scenes

It’s important that you properly inspect every scene you see and read every text so as to grasp the overall meaning you want to communicate to your audience. You’re free to change or modify the videos or images displayed in each one of the scenes by typing in a keyword related to your content. Do pay attention to keywords suggested on-screen as they may provide valuable information on which ones were specifically sought by users. They can also give you a gist on what scenes users are more interested to see.

Step 5: Voice Track Options

In the next tab, you can set an automated TTS voice (which often sounds robotic) or upload your very own one that conveys your greeting and true message of your video to your audience.

Step 6: Preview

Preview your video and assess if everything is properly inserted. If not, make sure that you have edited the content and/or scenes, and that they are properly sorted. This is an important step because your viewers will most likely be turned off by the overall quality of the video. So, ensure that you preview your videos and get rid of unwanted scenes or texts before your viewers are able to get to see it.

Step 7: Download or Publish

When you are finally satisfied with your video, download it, add it to your media library, and choose from the various options for your publishing options. You can then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, or Wistia, or where you have your audience.


PLR content has become a popular way for content creators to get more content up and running without having to do all of the research and hard work. And with using Vidnami, you can automate your entire video marketing campaign. This makes it very easy for you to create high-quality videos without having to spend time and money on things that would normally take up a lot of your resources.

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