How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Website using WordPress BlueHost

Affiliate marketing is known for being a cost-efficient business model. You don’t have to invest in products, just your website. You’re then free to focus on promoting other people’s products and make some sweet commissions.

However, you can even save money on your website if you go for WordPress and Bluehost for hosting. If you’re interested in starting your own affiliate marketing business for under $40 yearly, then read on.

First, go to Bluehost

The first step is to head over to the official Bluehost website. You want to find the “get started now” button.

I recommend Bluehost because it’s incredibly affordable for the features and stability it offers.

You can start for as little as $2.95 monthly for the Basic plan, and it comes with its own free domain and WordPress themes to make your life a lot easier.

Pick a plan

As soon as you hit “get started now,” you’ll be greeted with the list of plans.

If you’re just starting out, I recommend you go for the basic package, but all plans are very affordable when compared to their competition.

You can also upgrade your plan down the line if you decide you’ve outgrown your current account.

Register your domain

As I said, you get a free domain with Bluehost. The next step is to register it, and you can check your desired domain’s availability and finish registration without any extra charges. Don’t worry if you already have a domain; you can also use an existing domain. You’re also free to change this domain name later on.

Create your account

You only need to fill out a couple of forms to create your account. The first one requires you to enter your name, physical address, phone number, email address, and your business name if you wish.

The second form is just a few fields for your payment details. In-between, you can choose a few add-ons like professional site backups and other extra features like your subscription term.

Then, WordPress After that’s done, you can move over to install WordPress and start working on your website.

Install WordPress

Bluehost offer an automated WordPress installation service, and you just need to click the option to do it.

What’s even better is the exclusive features you get with Bluehost for your site. You have several themes available for free, so choose whichever you want and start editing.

You’ll have to specify whether your site will be personal or business, but it doesn’t make a huge difference.

Start working on your content

After you’re done working on your website’s design—which is seamless thanks to the visual editor.

Writing content with WordPress is intuitive if you’ve used Google Docs or Word since the formatting tool is almost the same.


Without any plugins, you’re now barely paying $3 every month for your affiliate marketing website. Even if you want to integrate more plugins, you can find plenty of free alternatives, and WordPress is almost unlimited in terms of what you can do with it.

Now, you only need to start creating content and driving traffic to your site.

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Advice

I have personally been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, and I can tell you that I have done so many things wrong when I first started my affiliate marketing journey.

I made so many mistakes and end up wasting time because you think you see a couple of youtube videos on affiliate marketing and think you have it down. Then you end up wasting time and money.

Honestly, I am glad I didn’t do paid advertising because I know people who have just started out and started doing paid advertising.

Guess what happened?

They ended up losing A LOT of money.

That’s why I highly recommend anyone starting out to get a proper course which guides you through everything.

Now, the problem is there are a ton of fake gurus claiming to be experts and selling you their overpriced course. They do this by pitching you a dream lifestyle and kind of/sorta play around words making you think it will make you an overnight millionaire. And it really gets people because they show their Lamborghini’s.

Now, I have gone through a lot of these garbage courses, and frankly, I don’t want more people to buy their garbage courses.

So, I recommend not just beginners but, advanced affiliate marketers to get a course called Savage Affiliates. It’s by Franklin Hatchett and he has been doing affiliate marketing for 8 – 10 years now. If you look at the amount of information it has, you’ll be shocked because I don’t know if you know this or not but, most other courses don’t even have 1/3 the information this one has.

And it’s one of the most affordable courses out there so, when you start out, you can pay for hosting, and other sorts of expenses instead of just spending all your money on guru courses.

Keep in mind that, I am not saying this course will make you rich or anything, this is not some overhyped guru course, you’re simply paying for a really high-quality course which goes over A – Z of affiliate marketing. It has Paid Ads training like google ads, Facebook ads, free affiliate marketing training where you getting traffic from Pinterest, youtube, blog commenting, SEO and a ton more content.

But, make sure you read my Savage Affiliates review so you know EXACTLY what your buying, no impulse buying.

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