How to Start a Food Blog and Make Money

Setting up a food blog and learning to make money from it requires more than pure luck and wishes. But it doesn’t require extraordinary skills either – it can be done by anyone willing to learn the ropes involved in the food blogging sphere of interest. Setting up your own blog can be a fun project that you can do alongside your friends or family. In case you do not know what, a food blog is, it is a type of blog dedicated to food topics. Food blogs can take different forms: recipes, reviews, travel, technical tips, photos, and a combination of those. Whether you wish to start a food blog for your own amusement, as a foodie or in order to run a profitable business, this article can help you to get started. We have gathered the best tips on how to start a food blog and make money online. The advice given in this article is backed up by our own experience as well as countless successful stories of other food bloggers around the web. We know how it feels to be in the beginning stages of your food blog journey and how you can turn it into a profitable business in the long run.

Getting Started on Your Own Food Blog

It goes without saying that blogging is not as easy money as many assume it to be. You must dedicate enough time on your blog and keep readers interested in it if you want to cash in on your efforts. You will have to brush up your marketing skills and work out a plan to perfect your writing style for the type of articles you plan on writing. Starting a food blog is one of the many adventurous journeys you can take as a blogger. And though food blogs are quite popular at the moment, but is it your cup of tea? In order to get paid doing what you love (like writing or having a creative outlet), you’ll need to dedicate lots of time and energy. And food blog monetization isn’t as straightforward as some of the other options on this list since there are several factors influencing how much you can make. So, its always best to do your homework and decide if a food blog is a viable option for you.

Move Ahead

If you have decided food blogging is what you want to do and believe have the courage to face the many challenges you will encounter on your way, you next step is to find many ways you can generate income from it.

How to Make Money from Food Blog?

Advertising is pivotal for all proper blogs and often is the only way they can generate revenue online. Luckily, there are multiple advertising networks you can join and implement your blog with, so you can make money from it. However, picking a good advertising network for your food blog is not that easy, as there are many of them and many criteria to compare them with. Following are 5 best ways to make money from food blogging. These steps can be applied to other types of blogs as well.

#1 Selling Food-Related Products

It’s the best and most traditional way to start a business. With millions of bloggers and businesses selling all sorts of products these days, there’s more competition than ever before. The chances of you making a living this way are still higher, but not as high as it used to be. However, there’s also no need to limit yourself to food-related products only. Selling digital products, like e-books or even physical products is quite popular these days, so if food blogging isn’t your cup of tea, perhaps you should reconsider it. It goes without saying that in order to have a successful online store, you need to have a decent product to offer to your customers.

#2 Adsense Program

Another great way to earn money online is to use Google Adsense. This option isn’t a popular one for everyone, as you need to have good traffic in order to monetize from Adsense. If you have many daily visitors to your food blog, then Adsense is something to consider. It is said that Google ads can help you make money faster than any other monetization options.

#3 Amazon Affiliate Program

Amazon affiliates are Amazon Partners who earn a commission by promoting products on their blogs and websites. If you have a food blog or you are thinking of starting one, you can use Amazon to help you monetize it. Once you join the program, you can put links to your blog posts and articles in your posts. When someone clicks on a link to any product and then makes a purchase, you will get a commission from that sale. Amazon Associates program is the easiest way to earn passive income online without doing much of anything. Just focus on creating solid content and seemingly integrate Amazon products, product recommendations, banners etc. to generate affiliate earnings.

#4 Infolinks

The well renowned online ad network “Infolinks” which primarily features such ads positioned in-line with the content of web pages has proven most beneficial for food bloggers. It has paved the path to better profits, which have in turn has enabled many newbie food bloggers to generate their first dollar online. Infolinks offers contextual advertising that appear when a user clicks or taps on a link within your website. They are text links that look like Google ads and appear similar to news links within the text.

#5 Sell Ad Space on Your Food Blog

You can make money from your blog and develop it as a business, once you have a good following of people reading your content. This will help you add new revenue streams to your business, like AdSense, Infolinks and also content monetization. If you decide to monetize your food blog by selling ad space, this will also help you get on your feet quickly, as it will provide you with some immediate money.


All 5 options will work best if you have a good enough audience and some knowledge about how to optimize your site in order to maximize the number of visitors you get. We recommend that you try all these strategies in order to make the best of your blog.

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