How To Discover Good Niches For Affiliate Marketing

Online entrepreneurship is all about niches; affiliate marketing is no different.

In fact, I’d say affiliate marketing is even more dependent on niches than many other business models right

Your niche will determine almost your entire business: what you’re going to sell, whom you
should target, what content you should provide, etc. Some niches even have their own “feel,”
which you might want to implement into your web design.

Being so important, you don’t want to mess up when picking one. Thankfully, that’s our goal
today, so let me teach you how to find a good niche.

What exactly do they mean by “niche”?

The short answer is: a category. Niches are basically sections of a market. By going for a niche,
you focus on related products in a single category. Popular niches include: health, fitness,
music, gaming, entrepreneurship, and the like.

However, you can find even more specific niches like specific music and gaming genres,
western or eastern health practices, entrepreneurship in eCommerce, digital marketing, trading,

You should get the idea by now.

The reason why niches are so important is that each one has its own products and audiences.

By choosing a niche, you make it a lot easier for yourself to know which people you should be
targeting and which products you should be offering.

The signs of a good affiliate marketing niche

The first sign of a good niche is your own interest. You want to go for a niche that you’re
passionate about or enjoy, and it’s ten times better if you’re an active consumer within that

If you actually enjoy your niche, it’ll be a lot easier to feel motivated to learn more about it an
your products. You get bonus points if you’re a consumer since it’ll be a lot easier to think like
your target audience.

The next sign is that there’s a strong demand and a passionate community behind it. That’s
good proof of its profitability, but you need to be careful to find products without too many

Finally, your niche must offer useful products. If you can offer products that can solve problems,
then it’ll be a lot easier to sell them. You’ll only need to point out the problems your customers
can solve with it.

How can you find a good niche?

Alright, now that you know how you can spot a good niche, let’s assess some of the
considerations you want to keep in mind while choosing.

After finding a niche you like, with good products and solid demand, you should take action in 3 different ways.

Look for low competition

Now, competition is a complex topic when talking about niches. Technically, a competitive niche
isn’t the same as a competitive product.

The reality is that competition in a niche shouldn’t affect you as much as competition for the specific products you’re selling.

However, since niches have their own keyboards, you could have trouble sticking out between
your competitors even if you’re offering different products. A good way around this is to tailor your keywords so that you can funnel traffic more specifically to your products.

Therefore, finding a niche with little competition can make your life a lot easier.

Find communities

People who share the same passion always form communities around them.

That’s why we have forums and Facebook groups centered around crafting, gaming, music, and other niches.
You should become a member in these communities and at least read their discussions.

Think of it as a field study; these people are potential customers, so you want to learn what they like,
what’s currently trending, and what they think about products within your niche.

Learn as much as you can

Building on the previous advice, you should always try to learn as many new skills and tactics
as you can. The first step you should consider is investing in an affiliate marketing course; this
could help you save a lot of time by giving you all the content you need.

That means you won’t have to look for every guide and lesson on your own. You’ll also receive
lessons on topics and concepts you probably wouldn’t consider otherwise. Plus, courses often
offer amazing guidelines for niche and product research.

Of course, learning is a broad spectrum. You also want to learn about your competitors.

Take a look at their websites, content, style, and products. Don’t copy anyone, but you should learn
which patterns are usually repeated in your niche and implement them with your own niche.


After finding your niche, you have the foundation for the rest of your venture. Your niche will
even determine which keywords you should target.

In fact, I’d recommend you start researching your keywords before even creating your website.

That way, you’ll know how to tailor your web design, business name, content topics, and more.

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Advice

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