How Fast Can You Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

There are many courses on marketing. However, these days, affiliate marketing gets some undeserved criticism. The word “scam” is bandied around, with people thinking that affiliate marketing equates to spamming people on Facebook or filling the Internet with misleading information to get referral fees from Amazon. However, this isn’t true, and if you think about it, it’s not a bad business model. In fact, it works much the same way as advertising, although you pay for the advertising in the form of commissions rather than one-off payments for an ad campaign. Making money online through affiliate marketing takes a lot of hard work. There are many different factors that go into monetizing an online resource. Where you start this journey is just as important as how much work you put in on your site too. Unless you have some money to invest in your site you really aren’t going to earn the big bucks with commissions and payments. It takes time and it takes dedication to advance, but you will achieve your goals over time. And in this article, I am going to break everything you can earn down and give you some tips for improving your profit potential too.

Fast – What It Actually Means?

“Fast” in digital marketing especially when it comes to making money from marketing either drops under one of these two categories of expectations. Either, you want to make money with affiliate marketing within a week or so, or the other is within a year or so. I have full confidence that anyone can make money within days or weeks of getting into the internet marketing world. People have done it. The only thing that that the norm when it comes to doing this speedily is that you are not doing the old business mix of hard work and patience.

It Takes Patience & Commitment

Realistically, if you are wanting to make money with affiliate marketing in a week or so, you are going to have to be very committed. You are going to need to have the time to learn as much as you can from any books or courses on affiliate marketing, and you have to be committed to building up traffic, which means you are going to have to have the drive and determination to do all of the hard work needed to make the project a success. You must be willing to research other sources of income and try to make sense of them and relate them to affiliate marketing, and last but not the least you must do all of the essential follow ups to get people who visit your site to buy. The one thing I do want to say with regard to this point is, if you do have the patience and commitment to make money with affiliate marketing in a week or so, you are going to be in for a very quick win. When you have a very low to medium budget, you want to look at affiliate marketing as a good way of getting up and running quickly. With this in mind, you want to target high commission products that are sold by a lot of vendors, which are popular with buyers. You want to target affiliate programs that will pay you to get referrals that will only need a couple of hits from your visitors before they buy. Like any venture, success depends on several factors and most of them are effort and patience driven. How fast you can make money with affiliate marketing is directly related to how many hours you want to put in. I have done a lot of things in my life. I know for a fact that hard work, dedication, and patience are the answers to most of the struggles we face, including making money with affiliate marketing. Remember, it’s always a good idea to stay patient with your goals in life. You don’t have to always get rich fast. Just be persistent, and you will be rewarded for your efforts.

Other Crucial Factors

There are factors like how well you do your research and planning before you ever attempt to build a site. You need to know what your competitors are doing, and you need to know what people want to buy. That way you can come up with the perfect niche for your website. Then you will have to learn how to market your website as effectively as possible. You also need to know what it is going to take to get your money back as quickly as possible. You should probably be willing to start with at least $500 – $1000 on your first site if you want to see a good return.

What Can You Earn from Affiliate Marketing?

There is a lot of money to be made with affiliate marketing, especially in the long-term, if you put the work in. The good thing about affiliate marketing is that it’s the type of business that you don’t have to start with a million-dollar budget or big-name support to get going. If you follow the right paths you will start to earn money online with affiliate marketing within days, but to start earning a really big income, you will have to be prepared to put in a lot of hard work and to try different marketing strategies.

What Does It Take to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

It takes good knowledge and time and patience to earn anything in affiliate marketing. I know people have made money quickly, and I have written an article to show you how, but ultimately, you are going to need to be committed to making it work, so you have to be willing to invest the time and money to do it right. When you have the right mindset, the right amount of persistence, and the right amount of dedication, you will not fail.

Paid Ads Get You Instant Traffic & Money (Probably)

When it’s about affiliate marketing, the quicker your results, the better. However, there’s also a chance that this might not work so well. Free organic traffic is always better as it builds trust with your visitors but if it’s taking way too much time (which is often inevitable), then using other business models, such as display ads or pay per click (PPC), make the process much quicker. PPC is effective and it gets you instant results, but it is also expensive. However, if you can manage to get it up and running without making it look like it’s fake, you will be in for a very big return. A lot of people do it right, and I am not one of those people. Still, it’s a good way to get quick results. You can target people who have just searched for something related to your business, or you can target those who are looking for something new and aren’t satisfied with what they’ve found on Google so far. You can target people who are already on your site but who have not yet committed to buying your products. With good PPC ad campaigns, you can make more money within days or weeks, than you ever would with any other business model.


I love affiliate marketing, especially when the payoff is big. The harder you work for your earnings, the better it feels when you are in profit and getting rich online with affiliate marketing. Of course, we all get some rejection at the beginning, but if you can get past that, you will have no trouble succeeding. If you work hard and dedicate yourself, you can make affiliate marketing your #1 online income method.

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Advice

I have personally been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, and I can tell you that I have done so many things wrong when I first started my affiliate marketing journey.

I made so many mistakes and end up wasting time because you think you see a couple of youtube videos on affiliate marketing and think you have it down. Then you end up wasting time and money.

Honestly, I am glad I didn’t do paid advertising because I know people who have just started out and started doing paid advertising.

Guess what happened?

They ended up losing A LOT of money.

That’s why I highly recommend anyone starting out to get a proper course which guides you through everything.

Now, the problem is there are a ton of fake gurus claiming to be experts and selling you their overpriced course. They do this by pitching you a dream lifestyle and kind of/sorta play around words making you think it will make you an overnight millionaire. And it really gets people because they show their Lamborghini’s.

Now, I have gone through a lot of these garbage courses, and frankly, I don’t want more people to buy their garbage courses.

So, I recommend not just beginners but, advanced affiliate marketers to get a course called Savage Affiliates. It’s by Franklin Hatchett and he has been doing affiliate marketing for 8 – 10 years now. If you look at the amount of information it has, you’ll be shocked because I don’t know if you know this or not but, most other courses don’t even have 1/3 the information this one has.

And it’s one of the most affordable courses out there so, when you start out, you can pay for hosting, and other sorts of expenses instead of just spending all your money on guru courses.

Keep in mind that, I am not saying this course will make you rich or anything, this is not some overhyped guru course, you’re simply paying for a really high-quality course which goes over A – Z of affiliate marketing. It has Paid Ads training like google ads, Facebook ads, free affiliate marketing training where you getting traffic from Pinterest, youtube, blog commenting, SEO and a ton more content.

But, make sure you read my Savage Affiliates review so you know EXACTLY what your buying, no impulse buying.

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