Five Figure Niche Site Review

Affiliate marketing is such a lucrative and straightforward business. It is simple, but not easy. With this Five Figure Niche Site course by Doug Cunnington, is this your key to affiliate marketing success? Keep reading as we explore Doug Cunnington’s class to see what it is all about.

What is the Five Figure Niche Site Course?

As the name suggests, Five Figure Niche Site aims to help you build a niche site that will generate five-figure incomes. This is a very bold statement, indeed, and as an experienced online entrepreneur, I find this very skeptical. The course currently works on a waiting list basis. Meaning that you register to be on the waiting list, and if you are lucky enough, you get selected to join the course! Although this could be an exclusivity tactic, it works because the waiting list is full.

Who is Doug Cunnington?

Doug hails from Colorado, and he claims that he is an experienced affiliate marketer. Having experience in the field, he is now a teacher in the affiliate marketing industry. He currently offers a range of services, from management consulting to software testing. Doug was previously a project manager with a Project Management Qualification (PMP) certification. He was pretty successful even before he started affiliate marketing. I think affiliate marketing helped him boost his business even more. He is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, so you can imagine just how successful his store is. His YouTube channel is probably where most of you might know him from, as he regularly uploads videos on affiliate marketing tips and ideas. He even conducts regular interviews with some of the industry’s most excellent such as website owners and other successful affiliate marketers.

Who is Five Figure Niche Site For?

Five Figure Niche Site is for anyone who is thinking of starting a dropshipping business but is stuck for ideas. This program will guide you from brainstorming ideas to establishing a brand new store. Doug even includes methods to get traffic, so that you can get sales very soon.

What is included in the Five Figure Niche Site?

The course material included in this course is quite extensive, especially if you are looking for ideas to build a niche site. You will begin by learning everything from brainstorming a desirable niche, manage keyword research, and build a website. After you have a good-looking site, then it is time to come up with creative ideas for SEO Optimized affiliate content. This content will be useful so that your page ranks in search engines. In this program, you will also learn to earn via the Amazon Affiliate program for selling products and using referrals.

There are seven-course modules in total, and each week the contents are released as you progress. This means that even if you have the willpower and time, you will not be able to finish the whole program in a day if you wish. So, for people who do not like waiting, this course will not be for you. By signing up, you will learn to brainstorm ideas to come up with a great niche for your store. You will also learn about long-tail keywords that convert. Then, Doug will teach you ways to spy on your competitions with free resources. He will also guide you to build backlinks to promote your store. This is a secure and ethical way of getting traffic. Doug shares that you will follow a proven, step-by-step niche system.

The program flows from selecting a niche through keyword research to choosing the right niche by analyzing competition and niche selection. After that, you will learn to build your site, then create and publish exciting content to drive traffic. Doug then suggests you sign up for the Amazon Affiliate Program and use backlinks to promote your website and get traffic. At last, you will also learn how to scale your store and build more similar, successful sites.

Five Figure Niche Site Final Verdict

Doug Cunnington sure looks like he knows what he is talking about. Overall, the information provided in the course is sufficient for one to start in the affiliate marketing business.

However, as good as the course, maybe, I do not think it is extensive enough that you will succeed in the industry. I think this course might be a shameless promotion for his Amazon Affiliate Program.

Basically, if anyone signs up to be his affiliate, Doug will get a piece in commissions. Nevertheless, if you go through the course material and you still think the course is for you, then you should sign up.

Five Figure Niche Site Alternative

I personally believe Savage Affiliates is by far one of the best course on the market to date.

I am not the only one who believes Savage Affiliates to be one of the best there are a ton of other’s who do as well.

Why though? Once you see the amount of information there is, how cheap it is AND the student results, you will see why it’s one of the best courses out there!

Read my Savage Affiliates Review, you will find out why this course is one of the best. Everyone thinks it’s overhyped until they actually have access to it.

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