Hey guys Jordan here,

This is just a disclaimer to all of the readers of my website. This is my own personal blog which I made to help others start their own online business via affiliate marketing as well as reviewing various products.

I have affiliate links on many products which allows me to keep the blog up! When you click on the these links and purchase something, I do get a cut of that.

However, that being said, this does not cost you any extra when you do this. I want you to know that any product or service I recommend I do try my best to link only the best products.

What might work for me might not work for you so, you need to make a careful decision on whether it’s right for you or not.

You will even see me call out crappy products so, don’t worry I don’t have a bias because the best products always have the lowest refund rates so, it makes sense to recommend only the best.

Earnings & Results

Every single earnings & results seen on my website is NOT typical at all. Keep in mind that a very small percentage of people actually take action.

Any result or earning I show on here is based on people who have worked hard to get it. Nothing in life which is worthwhile is quick and easy. And making money online through affiliate marketing is not an exception and it WILL require hard work.