CPA Affiliate Marketing Review

You’ve probably seen JT’s YouTube Channel – Seven Figure Marketing – if you’re used to watching affiliate marketing stuff on the internet. If you’ve seen his channel, you’ve probably also seen his CPA course, which will be our topic for today.

This course comes in 2 versions depending on which audience you fit: beginners or elite. It’s priced at $25 and $73 respectively. The beginners program focuses on free traffic and earning $100 daily; the elites program focuses on paid traffic and earning $400 daily.

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

It’s an online training program divided in 2 plans. Both are about affiliate marketing, and the difference is the depth level and the knowledge base required to understand the content.

The beginners course offers 10 modules, and it’s for people who don’t have lots of experience on the internet or has never tried affiliate marketing. It focuses on free traffic methods for your business.

The elites course has 8 additional modules, and it’s for entrepreneurs with more experience on the internet and who know about affiliate marketing. It focuses on paid traffic.

Who is JT?

He’s the creator of the Seven Figures Marketing brand, and if you already know him, it’s likely from his YouTube content. He often shares tactics, case studies, and even his own results using CPA marketing. He’s quite active, with about 2 weekly videos.

However, he doesn’t really have a big channel. He’s just trying to reach the 10,000 subscribers mark, but he did start just back in 2018.

You can also find him promoting the courses via Instagram. However, to say that he uses it would be stretching it since he only has a few posts and less than 700 followers last time I checked.

As you might guess, it’s hard to find out about him. All I could find is that he does affiliate marketing and has courses about it.

Who is CPA Affiliate Marketing for?

The plans are fairly self explanatory:

  • Get the beginners course if you know nothing about Affiliate marketing.
  • Get the elites course if you have some experience or knowledge.

However, the content isn’t really too complex for the latter. What makes it “not for beginners” is that it doesn’t really delve in explaining the business model and goes right into the useful content. Other than that, it’s not a complicated course other than you having to pay for your traffic.

What is included in CPA Affiliate Marketing?

  • Beginners

The course starts off with an intro video welcoming you into the course. You’ll learn JT’s email to contact him as well as how to join the course’s private group on Facebook.

The next module gives you an overview of CPA marketing throughout 4 videos. You’ll also learn which CPA  networks are best for you and how to get free access to thousands of offers you can promote.

Module 3 goes into a program called Max Bounty that you can also join and find offers for promotion. The content here is quite specific, and you’ll learn how to join, when it pays out, how to find good offers and their affiliate links, reaching out to your manager, and how you can boost your offers.

The 4th module explains how to get yourself a domain. This will be necessary for connecting to your landing pages, and you learn how to do that.

Speaking of land pages, the 5th module is just about that. It teaches you what’s a landing page as well as how to actually build one for yourself. Some videos include which are the best builders, how to get ideas to implement into your own, and implementing your links.

Module 6 kicks off the marketing final half of the course with Facebook. You basically learn how to drive free traffic from the platform using viral posts, groups, and engagement.

Afterwards, you learn about Craigslist for the same purpose. You learn how to create limitless accounts, how to write descriptions, when to post your ads, and avoiding bans.

The 8th module goes to Instagram, and you learn how to create your account, building social proof, creating content, and what you should promote on the platform.

Twitter makes up the 9th module, but it’s just a single video about what’s Twitter and how to use it. The same goes for the 10th module on YouTube.

  • Elite

The first module is just an intro to different tools and how to join the FB group.

The second module is similar to the CPA networks’ one from the beginners course: how to join, finding offers, etc.

The 3rd module explains how you can find the best products for ads on Facebook. It includes finding good commissions, why descriptions are important, and getting private offer approval.

Module 4 covers the basics of Facebook Ads with a couple of videos about why it’s a good platform and explaining your manager interface.

Module 5 goes into how to create campaigns, how to target, best objectives, and it closs with a walk-through of how to create a FB ads campaign.

The 6th module teaches you how to create a basic ad for Facebook. It touches on how to create unique ads and how to use Canva.

Next up, we have a module about testing. It’s basically about how many ads you want to test, the right testing budget, and how to rotate offers.

After you have ads running, you want to improve their performance. The 8th module explains how you do that using your Facebook data.

Then, module 9 explains how you can scale your ads. It’s just one video, though.

Module 10 just covers a few frequent questions. You’ll find answers regarding the necessary budget, using direct links, why you would want to kill ads, using fan pages, and assorted questions.

The 11th module explains how you can create and set up your Facebook Pixel. It’s key for tracking your conversions from Facebook.

Module 12 has a couple of videos on how you can find your ideal audience and using custom and lookalikes.

The next module is about creating landing pages. It’s basically the same as the beginners’ one.

Module 14 is about tracking conversions: which tools you can use for this and understanding your reports.

Module 15 is a nice explanatio of email marketing, what you can do, and the tools available for it.

The last 3 modules just include bonuses and a recap of the course.

CPA Affiliate Marketing final verdict

For the price, I can’t tell you it’s a bad deal, but it’s definitely not the best choice. If you want my advice, save up a bit more for a course like Savage Affiliates. With $197, you can get yourself a comprehensive course that covers all of the aspects of eCommerce while still offering advanced strategies that experienced entrepreneurs might not know. You also learn everything offered in the CPA courses and more.

CPA Affiliate Marketing Alternative

I personally believe Savage Affiliates is by far one of the best course on the market to date.

I am not the only one who believes Savage Affiliates to be one of the best there are a ton of other’s who do as well.

Why though? Once you see the amount of information there is, how cheap it is AND the student results, you will see why it’s one of the best courses out there!

Read my Savage Affiliates Review, you will find out why this course is one of the best. Everyone thinks it’s overhyped until they actually have access to it.

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