Affiliate Marketing: The Ultimate List of Pros and Cons

No digital campaign, however busy or unexplored is excluded from affiliate marketing. Today an astounding 15,000 brands, individual marketers and multinational businesses rely on affiliate marketing to generate revenue online. In fact, recent research reveals that affiliate marketing is becoming a determinant solution to engage with online customers and present them customized offerings. The global popularity of affiliate marketing is fueled by the ever-increasing interest of buyers in personalized goods and services, which is perfectly complemented by the offerings provided by the affiliate sector. By leveraging affiliate marketing solutions and implementing active affiliate marketing management practices, brands are creating unique connections that yield incalculable benefits, especially when working with motivated affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a marketer’s dream as it is affordable, effortless and effective.

An affiliate marketer is a person who promotes products or services of another company to receive compensation or rewards in return. Affiliate marketing is considered to be the easiest and most cost-effective way to make money online. Affiliate marketing refers to businesses that pay you commissions to drive sales for their products or services through their marketing efforts. It is very easy to sign up with an affiliate marketing program, and once you have created an account you can promote your affiliate link to make sales for your products and services.

The rise in demand for e-commerce and multi-channel online marketing has driven the growth of affiliate marketing and affiliate program management businesses.

The high degree of flexibility offered by the affiliate marketing model is what makes it attractive to small business owners. Taking advantage of easy to integrate affiliate marketing model, they can further expand their consumer reach by allowing 100’s if not 1000’s of marketers to join their affiliate program and do brand promotion on their behalf for a reasonable commission. Affiliate marketing not only offers high returns on investment but also drives customer engagement and brand awareness. With affiliate marketing, you can turn your website into a source of unlimited revenues for your business.

But not all is shiny and bright in the world of affiliate marketing. There are upsides and downsides – some caveats, that you should be aware of before you jump in with both feet. Affiliate marketing is a bit like taking a shortcut to achieve something in a short span of time. Shortcuts are good for when you want to get something done fast. But shortcuts can also be fatal. Let’s discuss pros and cons of affiliate marketing in detail below.

Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing

There are many advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing just as there are for any other business model. Affiliate marketing is a versatile and convenient business model, and it comes with its own set of pros and cons. Let’s discuss some of the pros and cons of affiliate marketing below.

5 Pros of Affiliate Marketing

1. Low-Cost Business Idea:

Affiliate Marketing as a marketing technique is technically convenient to use, as there are far lower barriers to entry than there are with other types of online marketing. Furthermore, it’s a rather convenient career, where you can find something in your passion, and use your knowledge behind the niche or individual product and supplement your income. To get started all you must do is to create your site, choose your niche and select a relevant product or service to promote to your visitors through text links, banner ads, A/B testing or any other technique you can think of.

2. No Expertise Needed:

One of the biggest pros of affiliate marketing is that there are no technical or production skills needed to operate an affiliate marketing business. This is because most of the companies out there who are willing to pay you for doing affiliate marketing for them want to make promoting their product and services as simple as possible. So, the easier you make it for your audience to visit their site and buy the product or service, the higher chances these businesses have to make profit from your audience reach. So, you can literally promote a software on your affiliate website without having a single sense of how to write a single line in Java.

3. Unlimited Potential:

One of the biggest pros of affiliate marketing is the fact that there are unlimited ways of finding success. Affiliate marketing is something where you can even start off small, get a few sales here and there, and if you are doing it right, work on expanding your customer base and making more and more sales, until one day you are one of the biggest names in the industry. Some people have made affiliate marketing their full-time jobs, which means that it is a completely scalable model for you to make money with, as well.

4. Customizable Products:

You have the freedom to promote products of all different kinds. You don’t just have to stick with one type of product or service to promote. As long as you have a niche you are interested in, you can choose to promote products and services of different types. That way, you have a better chance of finding something that suits your interests, and you can easily expand your customer base, even if it’s in a niche you are interested in. If you get in enough sales, you can even decide to leave the affiliate marketing business for good and focus on just one product or service, instead of being a jack of all trades.

5. Low Start-Up Costs:

Affiliate marketing offers a low-cost, easy way to get started. You don’t have to have a huge amount of money to be able to start an affiliate marketing business. All you need is a website, and an idea of what you want to promote. From there on out, you just need to get traffic to your site, and some of that traffic will convert into sales.

4 Cons of Affiliate Marketing

1. Frauds are common:

Affiliate marketing is as much as a blessing as it is a curse, as it is quite an easy way to make money online. There are, however, some unscrupulous marketers who use this model as a platform to defraud unsuspecting individuals and businesses. The internet is the perfect place for these crooks to start and operate their scams, as there are millions of people looking for a quick way to make money online, without having to put in much effort. The fact that these people don’t put much effort into their scam means that they often don’t even realize that they are being defrauded until it is too late, which is why the money they have spent on these programs is lost.

2. Frauds are promoted as legitimate business:

There are some frauds that actually trick individuals into thinking that their business is completely legitimate. They do this by putting their website on a platform where no scams are supposed to be operating on. Furthermore, they make the website look as if it is actually run by a company that is completely trustworthy, by making sure that all of the logos on the website look very legitimate. However, this is often just another ruse for them to get their victims to invest in the scam, and eventually lose a good portion of their investment.

3. No Guarantee of Revenue:

If you think that your traffic will just magically bring in the revenue that you are expecting to earn, you are probably going to be in for a big disappointment. Affiliate marketing takes a lot of effort and time to produce results. Not only do you have to come up with content that is going to be relevant for your visitors, you also have to find and choose the products and services that you want to promote on your website, and then you have to spend time promoting those products and services, as well. All this effort will take time to produce any kind of returns, so you shouldn’t expect to start earning profits right away, when you have just gotten started.

4. You Don’t Control Your Competition:

Affiliate marketing is a competitive field. As more and more businesses begin to learn about the benefits of affiliate marketing, there are more and more companies popping up in this business, which is why it is getting harder and harder for any individual affiliate marketer to earn any real money from this business. There are simply too many marketers fighting for the same traffic. So, while it is possible for you to build up a decent audience of your own, it is going to be tough to be able to do this, because there are so many people competing for the same traffic as you. So, while affiliate marketing does offer some unique benefits, it is definitely not for everyone.

My #1 Affiliate Marketing Advice

I have personally been doing affiliate marketing for a few years now, and I can tell you that I have done so many things wrong when I first started my affiliate marketing journey.

I made so many mistakes and end up wasting time because you think you see a couple of youtube videos on affiliate marketing and think you have it down. Then you end up wasting time and money.

Honestly, I am glad I didn’t do paid advertising because I know people who have just started out and started doing paid advertising.

Guess what happened?

They ended up losing A LOT of money.

That’s why I highly recommend anyone starting out to get a proper course which guides you through everything.

Now, the problem is there are a ton of fake gurus claiming to be experts and selling you their overpriced course. They do this by pitching you a dream lifestyle and kind of/sorta play around words making you think it will make you an overnight millionaire. And it really gets people because they show their Lamborghini’s.

Now, I have gone through a lot of these garbage courses, and frankly, I don’t want more people to buy their garbage courses.

So, I recommend not just beginners but, advanced affiliate marketers to get a course called Savage Affiliates. It’s by Franklin Hatchett and he has been doing affiliate marketing for 8 – 10 years now. If you look at the amount of information it has, you’ll be shocked because I don’t know if you know this or not but, most other courses don’t even have 1/3 the information this one has.

And it’s one of the most affordable courses out there so, when you start out, you can pay for hosting, and other sorts of expenses instead of just spending all your money on guru courses.

Keep in mind that, I am not saying this course will make you rich or anything, this is not some overhyped guru course, you’re simply paying for a really high-quality course which goes over A – Z of affiliate marketing. It has Paid Ads training like google ads, Facebook ads, free affiliate marketing training where you getting traffic from Pinterest, youtube, blog commenting, SEO and a ton more content.

But, make sure you read my Savage Affiliates review so you know EXACTLY what your buying, no impulse buying.

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