Acabado Theme Review

Do you want to stay ahead of the race by upgrading your website’s theme? Or maybe start a new niche site with a theme that stands out in the crowd? If you do, you should use the Acabado Theme. It is, without a doubt, the fastest theme optimized for SEO right now. And it doesn’t end there. The Acabado Theme receives a score of approximately 100 on Google Pagespeed Insights. That’s the best score any theme can get.

So, when the question is, why chose the Acabado WordPress theme?

The answer is because it’s said to be one of the fastest WordPress themes you can get your hands on, and also because it comes with a hefty SEO bonus.

But is this true? Find out more below!

What is this theme about?

Developed by Jim and Ricky at the Income School, this is one of the best WordPress themes you will ever come across. I was looking for a website theme that would load pages fast and come with built-in SEO. The Acabado Theme ticked all the boxes for me. And honestly, the theme didn’t disappoint at all. With a Google Pagespeed Insights score of nearly 100, this theme provides lightning-fast load time, thus offering an incredible user experience. As a result, I noticed a higher on-page time and lower bounce rates.

Who should use Acabado Theme?

The Acabado WordPress Theme is ideal for bloggers who want to start a niche website. It boasts powerful functionality and is available to get you up for the challenge. It is well developed with a very responsive and seamless layout and is also customizable to fit your personal needs. The most striking part about Acabado isn’t the design but rather how well the theme uses the many recommended design elements for creating a unique and interesting layout that is appealing to all types and levels of readership and audience.

I, for one, wanted to develop a travel blog. And so, I chose this theme. It hardly took me a few minutes to get my site up and running.

It has a nice and clean responsive design that makes it perfect for mobile devices, tablets, and small screens alike. I’m impressed by how little I had to do to make everything seem professional. The design is simple and clean. The typography is crisp, professional, and the text is well styled. It’s got a bit of everything, a touch of everything, and it all blends together nicely.

According to Jim and Ricky, this theme is best for those who are looking to create content and publish them on a well-optimized SEO site.

And we all know how much time, effort, and money you may need to spend when it comes to SEO. But this theme bypasses those hurdles and allows you to focus on your content instead of spending time on optimizing the website. This theme lets you go down easy paths that you might not be able to otherwise and will work to your advantage.

Initially, I used various WordPress plugins to optimize my site, but they ultimately slowed the website down. However, when I upgraded the theme to Acabado, I noticed that the site wasn’t slow anymore. Pages were loading faster than before.

Many bloggers don’t want to waste time by customizing their sites. They focus on creating content that would help them earn money. The Acabado Theme is perfect for them. But if you want to develop an authority site with lots of customization abilities, then I would not recommend this theme. You should use other themes that provide multiple customizations instead of increasing your site’s page-loading speed.

What’s the average Google Pagespeed Insights score?

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting a theme that would score highly on Google Pagespeed Insights. When I came across the Acabado Theme, I thought it was only claiming an approximate score of 100 just to attract users. But I was stunned when I started using it on various websites. I used it on four different Acabado Theme websites to test whether the theme is as fast as the developers claim. To my surprise, each website scored remarkably on Google Pagespeed Insights. The scores that I recorded were 95, 92, 89, and 100. 

You can also test your websites with Google Pagespeed Insights and GTmetrix before using this theme. It will give you an idea of how fast the webpages open.

Customization opportunities

Since this theme primarily focuses on SEO and page-load speed, does that mean it won’t offer any customizations at all? This was the first question that came to mind before using the theme. Apparently, you can tweak a few things here and there on the theme’s homepage layout. In fact, you can also make a few adjustments to every post you publish.

Ideally, you should place the search bar near the menu area and make the logo smaller in the header. I researched a few Acabado Theme websites before installing this theme on my site. That’s when I realized that every site had a similar style. Of course, you can change the fonts and colors to make your site different, but make sure you follow this type of layout. It works best for the Acabado Theme.

This layout allows people to read your content as the actual text of each blog remains on top of the fold instead of the title, feature image, or header coming in its way and taking up the majority of the space. For me, these customizations were enough. Some bloggers may not even need these features if they solely rely on their content. But I like to make my site look attractive without compromising on the content front.

Will it convert sales?

Yes, it will. According to many surveys, this theme rakes up your site’s traffic over time, leading to high sales volume within a few months. But you need to make content your king. Putting too much fluff in your content wouldn’t make the cut even if you use the Acabado Theme. The more time and effort you invest in the minute details of your content, the higher traffic you will notice. I was shocked to see that some of the Acabado Theme websites were bringing in nearly 230,000 visitors every month.

Yes, it took the websites time to build such a huge follower base, but I would credit Acabado Theme also because of their SEO tactics. The way it optimizes the sites is a work of art.

Pros and cons of Acabado Theme


Super-fast speed

The importance of website speed can no longer be neglected when your priority is to rank higher on google search results. A faster website not only increases conversions but also helps you to improve your Google ranking. Website speed is another indicator that shows the relative importance of various factors such as customer experience, brand relevance, search engine popularity, and website optimization.

Unfortunately, despite being the most popular content management and blogging platform, most free and premium themes available for WordPress are bloated with useless features, scripts, and stylesheets only further deteriorating the site’s speed and presence online.

The Acabado Theme is the fastest WordPress theme with a Google Pagespeed Insights score of nearly 100. It boasts powerful integration with Google’s Google Fonts and Google CDN and includes dozens of helpful features all geared toward improving your content.

The Acabado Theme is built using a minimal yet well-balanced design methodology. It’s designed to be fast and super-responsive while offering great theme aesthetics that make it stand out from the pack.

Since most people love to open websites from multiple devices, the Acabado Theme makes your site compatible with all types of portable devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. It runs on a specific compatible speed irrespective of your host. Even if your site contains a significant number of videos and images, the speed of your webpages won’t go down if you use this theme.

Built-in SEO

SEO today is more sophisticated than ever. With ever-evolving Google search capabilities combined with the growing ubiquity of the internet, a great number of marketers are taking advantage of the ability to identify, find and understand potential consumers and to improve their content and website marketing efforts. However, understanding the need to deliver relevant information to its users, Google has implemented hundreds of AI-assisted algorithms to filter out irrelevant pages – mainly those that fail to adhere to standard SEO practices.

With Acaboda WordPress Theme, you won’t have to worry about any such repercussions. With built-in SEO, you can expect your site to rank on the first page of most search engines. This also lets you disable the plugins you usually use to optimize various webpages. It also provides Google with relevant information about your site so that it shows your website whenever your target audience searches for similar topics that you usually post about.

You probably heard about the fact that some sites are actually better than others. With Acaboda, your site will surely be in the upper tier of the web search results for any keyword, and so it will generate more hits and click-throughs on your site than what you would get from a different theme.

Fast installation

Though WordPress is a fast and effective content management system, when planning on creating a user-oriented, professional website, it can take from a few hours to even days to properly set up a website to offer enhanced user experience and to gain better search engine position.

A theme being the primary design element for any WordPress website, is often the hardest to implement. It usually takes a lot of time to install a WordPress theme, especially when personalization is a priority. But this one hardly took me 3 minutes to install. Plus, its quick customization features allowed me to tweak a few things on my site without going into the details of coding. As soon as you purchase this theme, it will redirect you to a video that explains every aspect of Acabado Theme in detail.

Mobile-first technology

More than 72% of the world’s population uses mobile phones to find information online. This means that a great deal of information is made available to users around the world in smart devices, and as a concerned marketer, you will want to tap into this opportunity.

And although most WordPress themes come with a mobile version, they are not as fast as you expect them to be. But Acabado Theme is different. It takes a split second to load your pages, allowing your mobile audience to surf through your website fast. Harnessing the power of quality, professional coding, and optimized page resources (such as stylesheets and JavaScript files), this premium WordPress theme is capable of delivering performance beyond your expectations.

All you have to do is upload and activate this theme through your WordPress administration panel, and your website will be all set to deliver quality customer experience without you having to touch a single line of code. Obviously, you get complete control over the customization options, but if you don’t have the time to do so, you can leave the design elements to the default, and you will still get to experience a professional design like you never experienced before.


Not enough customizations

First, it’s crucial to understand that this WordPress theme is oriented towards performance rather than fancy design. And so, it is not for those who want to build a business authority website with multiple customizations. If you want to go into the minute details of handpicking the fonts, images, and other customizations of your site, this isn’t the theme that you should use.

Final verdict

The Acabado Theme is a godsend for me. I am so reliant on this theme for most of my affiliate sites that I can’t think of using any other WordPress theme right now. And I am confident that you will also get the same feeling once you start using Acabado. It is not only the fastest WordPress theme but also a safe theme that keeps popups and malicious messages away. Try the Acabado Theme today and see how much of a difference it can make for your blog.

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