About Me


Hey there guys, I am Jordan who is the author of this website.

I am 28 year old father who does affiliate marketing full time!

I used to be an electrician who worked the usual 9 – 5 for 5 years and frankly after having my daughter I knew I couldn’t be stuck working a 9 – 5 and living paycheck to paycheck.

It wasn’t just about the money though, I wanted to spend more time with the family. Like most people I didn’t know what exactly I could do that would allow me to make money while working less.

I knew it had to be by creating a business but, I didn’t know what type of business. As you may know, a lot of physical businesses take a lot of capital. Money that I didn’t have.

So, I looked into finding a business online, One day I stumbled upon this article which talked about making money online in various ways. They had many things like freelancing, dropshipping, doing surveys and more. I researched into all of the methods I had read about.

The one which caught my eye and got me interested in the most was called “affiliate marketing”.

Now, affiliate marketing is basically where you promote a product and when someone purchases through your link, you get a commission.

So, this means you don’t deal with shipping like with dropshipping, you can scale it up a lot unlike doing surveys and your building an actual business which you can sell later on, unlike freelancing.

This all sounds great but, there are a ton of different ways to do affiliate marketing. And there are a ton of gurus claiming their way is the best. Always trying to show their rented lambos and houses trying to tell you it’s super easy to make money.

I actually hate these gurus because they always try to sell you a lifestyle instead of trying to tell you straight up that this requires work and it’s not a get rich quick scheme. It’s something which you can build a career/business out of if you put in the work.

When I started affiliate marketing I was lucky enough to get one of the best courses from Franklin Hatchet to get me started but, once I started making money I started buying other courses to expand my knowledge and I realized quickly how terrible and overpriced some of these other courses were.

So, that’s one of the reasons why I created this blog to review products I genuinely use myself when I got started and still use daily and give you a straight-up no bs review about some of the crappy products & courses that are out in the market today.

And I also want to open up the world of affiliate marketing to you guys because it truly is one of the best online business out there for people just starting out.

It honestly changed my life after I found out and started taking action. (Yes, this actually requires work, if you’re not willing to put in the work, you will NOT make any money.)

I am going to link some links below to get you started with affiliate marketing: