3 Best Alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate, with all its promising marketing tutorials, powerful marketing tools and intuitive interface has long been hailed as the best affiliate marketing course and online business training program online.

Also accessible for free, Wealthy Affiliate offers anything you could wish for in a successful online business. It is a platform that helps you build your own online business from scratch by teaching you the necessary marketing strategies, tools and providing all the support you need.

For beginners and advanced marketers alike, for long it has been one-stop course for the entire online marketing spectrum. What makes Wealthy Affiliate an alluring choice are its numerous success stories and satisfied customers through its 60-day money back guarantee. However in years it has failed to evolve like myriad of other online marketing courses.

Furthermore, its high pricing and abysmal support occasionally disappoint. Although Wealthy Affiliate still remains a popular choice when it comes to setting up an SEO and social media driven marketing campaigns, it has never boasted the flexible business model that very few competitors have.

Because of which, Wealthy Affiliate has been struggling to remain a leader in the industry for a long time. There have been alternatives to this leading affiliate marketing course since a while now. Namely, these alternatives come in the form of robust, feature-rich and cost-effective marketing course alternatives to Wealthy Affiliate such as:

1. Savage Affiliates

Savage Affiliates is the solution born to teach beginner internet marketers how they can create multiple streams of revenue by leveraging affiliate marketing. It also pack a ton of different income streams into this suite for its users to advance their business while providing them with more than just a basic affiliate marketing course. The program starts by training interested marketers how to start a simple affiliate site and get it fueled with content that converts and make them money! Offers are everywhere, finding the right niche is the key to success and it’s all done for you.

What Can You Do With Savage Affiliates?

If you are wondering whether Savage Affiliates is just another affiliate marketing course, then your answer would be a resounding no. It isn’t just an affiliate marketing course, but a holistic internet marketing course. You’ll definitely learn how to leverage affiliate marketing for your advantage. However, you’ll also learn how to use SEO, building websites, squeeze pages, landing pages, email marketing. Moreover, you can also explore numerous other digital marketing strategies to improve your online business.

What Are the Main Features of Savage Affiliates?

Savage Affiliates is not just a set of online tutorials that you have to pay for like most other online business training and marketing course, but more of a holistic package that helps you through every step of your business. You can access a Team, which offers assistance to all members whether you are a free or premium user. You can get advice on things such as:

  1. How to build a website for your online business,
  2. How to optimize your site for good SEO,
  3. How to drive traffic to your funnel using social media,
  4. How to setup and run an email newsletter,
  5. How to find good offers…etc.
  6. How to build traffic via paid and free platforms or techniques
  7. Launch jacking and so much more.

The internet is a vast place and learning to engage with it efficiently is no joke. Moreover, it can get stifling and feel like overload for a newbie. Savage Affiliates helps you to narrow down your focus and teach you the elements that are most important in the rapidly evolving world of internet marketing. It tackles all the most important issues that you’ll need to learn out of the way making the journey smoother and faster.

Here’s what you get to learn from some of its most important modules:

1. Affiliate Marketing Introduction:

If you are a beginner, then this is where your journey starts. It doesn’t matter whether you are a web developer, a blogger, or anything but an affiliate marketer, this first module is for you.

Here you’ll learn what affiliate marketing is and why it is so important that you learn it. You’ll also learn what are the biggest networking platforms in the industry and how to join them.

This is to ensure that you get your feet wet and start earning money while still learning. You will also learn how to earn your first commission and start learning the ins and outs of monetizing your content.

2. Affiliate Products to Promote:

After you’ve learned the basics of affiliate marketing, the next step is teaching you how to find the right products to promote. The module is all about how to find the right affiliate products and offers that you can sell with your custom website or social media pages.

You’ll learn how to look for products that are in-demand and have the potential to generate a long-term cash flow. Furthermore, you’ll learn how to do a thorough background research to ensure that your product selection is good for you.

This way, these products are less likely to be banned or suspended by the network platform or by the affiliate network you are partnering with. You’ll also learn how to diversify your marketing efforts by promoting more than one product at the same time!

3. Email Marketing & Funnels:

After you have learned how to set up a simple affiliate site and how to find the right products to promote, now, it is time to start driving traffic to your new website. For advanced marketers, this module is meant to teach you how to scale up your business by leveraging multiple streams of traffic to your funnel.

Buying traffic is an effective way, but it is also a very expensive. Therefore, this module, you’ll learn how to build a list of subscribers via email newsletters, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

This list will be the backbone of your successful online business. You can then use the list to start testing the viability of different marketing methods and find your target audience. This is the most effective way to build a big following for your online business and make the most money out of it.

4. SEO Google Traffic Training:

This module, you’ll learn how to maximize the potential of your website and funnel by driving more traffic via search engines. With Google controlling over 60% of the search market share, it is crucial that you master SEO to make the real money in affiliate marketing.

This module is designed to teach you how to rank your websites at the top of the search engines, getting you more targeted traffic from people who are looking for that content.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how to rank your videos on Youtube and how to drive traffic to your page using Facebook and other social networking sites.

5. Launch Jacking:

This is the important module for those who want to take their affiliate marketing business to the next level. It will teach you how to launch a product before any of your competitors do and make tons of money with it.

How does it work?

You can promote offers that are being sold by stores or individuals who don’t have any affiliate network of their own. As you’ve learned earlier, it is very important to find products that can generate long-term cash flow. This is how to spot a long-term gold mine in all the offers being worn. As such, the launch jacking method will teach you to spot those rare products that have yet to be picked up by a marketer.

You can then quietly start telling people about the product and profit handsomely when the product suddenly becomes popular and generating income for several other people as well.

Priced at just $197 (to $297) this course brings you the solutions to the most important aspects of your online business, making it one of the best internet marketing courses to start with.

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2. Super Affiliate System by John Crestani

The Super Affiliate System is one of the most considerable courses on the market, exploring every distinct facet of Affiliate Marketing and digital marketing in general. Having been around for almost 3 years, it has successfully managed to educate its students who often are professional internet marketers, and entrepreneurs, with its massive library of tutorials and training material. The course might focus more on affiliate marketing than making money in general, but it confines no boundaries and facilitates all kinds of internet marketing.

What Can You Do with Super Affiliate System?

If you are looking for the best affiliate marketing course, Super Affiliate System is the perfect fit in the market, and by far one in the most advanced, and comprehensive affiliate marketing courses you can find.

The only downside to this affiliate marketing course is its weak official support system. Its customer support staff is a bit slow, and can take a lot of time to deal with your request.

However, it offers extensive resources and tutorials developed by its founder John Crestani. You can find a huge archive of videos, tutorials and run into the Super Affiliate Forums where fellow Super Affiliate members can provide you with insights for successful affiliate marketing.

What Are the Main Features of Super Affiliate System?

The course is available at one time fee of $997 and brings you access to 50-hours of training material, a Super Affiliate System community, Discussions, Business Tools, Ebooks, Bonus Courses, Ongoing Support, Step by step instructions, access to live training and much more.

Here’s few important things you’ll learn in this course:

1. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads is by far one of the most effective marketing strategy in the internet today. Having 1 billion users, its Ad manager is advanced, cost-effective and straightforward. In this course John guide you to take advantage of this powerful marketing tool. He’ll teach you to set up an ad manager campaign, the different types of ad campaigns, how to target your ads, which tools to use to measure effectiveness of your ads and much more.

2. Google Ads

Google dominates the world of online advertising. Google Ads have a massive capacity and capacity to target your ads in a manner that is likely to be most effective. In this course John Crestani will guide you through the process of setting up a Google Manager account, selecting which campaign to run and configure, the different types of campaigns out there and what their appropriate uses are. How to optimize your Ad and how to plan your budget, what types of ad extensions are available, and how to correctly use Ad extensions.

3. Native Advertising

Native advertising is a relatively new marketing strategy that marketers are just becoming more used to and more familiar with. In this course John will teach you how to create, promote and market native advertising content. He’ll teach you to develop the content, to gather the contacts and also to learn effective marketing techniques to use, while promoting native ads online.

4. Youtube Ads

Youtube is one of the most widely used websites today and offers a unique platform to develop and promote your business online. In this course john will teach you to develop, promote and advertise on this platform. He’ll guide you through the process of starting up and creating a Youtube channel, how to successfully market your content, and help you to understand how Youtube ads are different from other ads. He’ll also teach you about available ROI tools that you can use to measure the impact of your Youtube advertisements.

Overall, this affiliate marketing course offers nothing less than everything you need to succeed online. It will teach you to build successful online affiliate marketing campaigns and maximize income from it.

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3. Authority Hacker Pro

This training program will help you to transform from a beginner or an amateur online marketer, to a professional internet marketer. What separates this course from the rest is the fact that it adheres to the dual training system: a training course and a business model for building an authority site. This Authority Hacker Pro program was created by the very successful online marketer Steve Clayton, who teaches you how to make money online through his own authority marketing business model.

What’s Special About Authority Hacker Pro?

If you don’t know Gael Breton and Mark Webster by name, it is high time you start looking for them and get to know their successful story. They are the legend in this field and have been helping marketers like you and me with every aspect of online marketing.

Important Authority Hacker Pro Features:

1. Basics of Online Marketing:

The foundation of Authority Hacker Pro course on marketing starts with teaching you the basics of online marketing. The course is ultimately for creating authority sites, but before you can make a profitable authority site, you’ll need to understand the fundamentals of online marketing. The phase includes instructional videos and assignments and also provides you with all the necessary tools to implement the tactics described during the training phase.

2. Niche & Keyword Research:

As the name suggests, this training course will teach you to find a profitable niche and then find the correct keywords that will drive traffic toward your site. This training phase will give you an introduction to SEO, and also offer some tips on building back-links and building content.

3. Setting Up Site & Getting Content Ready:

This phase will help you to analyze your competition and look for ways on how you’re going to streamline your marketing techniques to reach your goal. You’ll be provided with all the tools that you can use to efficiently create content for your authority site and work on ways to tweak the content so that it can achieve a higher rank.

4. Link Building:

Everything happens in this phase. This is where you’ll learn how to add your authority site to the first page in majority of the search engines. The course will teach you to start developing a white paper and start establishing a solid link-building strategy.

Overall this course is worthwhile, and it teaches you a great deal of things that you can apply to a variety of different online marketing strategies. It is a step-by-step training course designed to develop your skills, boost your confidence and ultimately help you make profits from your own authority site.

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